#475 • Game of Thrones House Lannister Lagavulin 9

48% alc./vol.
Lagavulin Distillery, Port Ellen, Islay, Scotland

Grand finale of the series of single malts of the series Game of Thrones, which stages a concept where each big house of the series of books is associated with a distillery of the giant of the drink Diageo.

Thanks to the alliance between Québec Whisky et Scotch Whiskey Central, which made it possible to live this epic tasting to our members well before the release in SAQ from this collection!

Like what one of the great tips of life is to always keep the best for last, the family Lannister had no choice but to be represented by the great Lagavulin. We often indulge the 16 years of age of the distillery, and although this expression has only 9, but do not worry, this traffic jam is worthy of all these complex and perfidious characters.

The official words of the family are "Hear me Roar," but much more is known about the following words that are proudly spread by all Lannisters:

To Lannister always pays his debts.

Peat in a casket of sherry, iron hand in a velvet glove, just like the house Lannister. Tundra, caramel, sea peat and berries. Apple-grape juice. Intoxicating smoke.

Silky and sensual texture, fruity peat, oak wood, spices, sherry and orange. Very vinous, tannins, leather and caramel. Raspberry jams. Delicious.

Sweet and full-bodied at a time, on a long and bewitching period. Oak saturated with sherry and spices, discrete and salty smoke at the same time.

The big winner of the series. In almost every work of fiction, the villain is always more complex. Here we are entitled to a great Lagavulin, its only weak point being that just like the Lannisters, we knew what to expect. Tywin must have casks and barrels under the foundations of Casterly Rock.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ★

#474 • Tyrell Clynelish Reserve Game of Thrones House

51.2% alc./vol.
Clynelish Distillery, Brora, Highlands, Scotland

Clynelish is a distillery of the Scottish Highlands. Founded in 1968, it took the name of its neighbor, the first distillery named Clynelish. The latter then had to change its name and we know it in our time as the deceased Brora.

Clynelish belongs today as many others to the group Diageo, and they were not asked to add a malt like Clynelish to their series Game of Thrones. We thank you Québec Whisky et Scotch Whiskey Central for using witchcraft so that we can taste this collection even before its release in SAQ!!!

At more than 51% alcohol, this is the only whiskey Cask Strength from the Serie.

Well, Tyrell's words are pretty ugly (Growing Strong), so we'll replace them with another Tyrell's:

More human than human is our motto.

Nice freshness on the nose that makes us easily forget its high alcohol content. Pears, white flowers, vanilla, cake, honey and coffee with milk.

Salted caramel, earthy cherry, red fruits and tropical fruits, oranges and dates. Wind of sherry and powerful spices. The fire of the cask strength is alive!

Oak and ginger, vanilla and cherry, honey and malt, all on a beautiful descent, not too aggressive. Fleur de sel and milk chocolate.

The cask strength treatment saves the bet, it took at least one in the whole series! Here is one that befits [SPOILER ALERT] the house that had the balls to poison Joffrey! [/ SPOILER ALERT]

Score: ★ ★ ★ ★