#115 • Lot No40 2012 Edition

43% alc./vol.
Corby Distilleries, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The penultimate elusive of the evening of August 13 at Scotch Whiskey Club of Quebec, the Lot No40 2012 Edition, is also the fruit of a particular epic. It was still at the Hiram Walker Distillery, the same one that gave us and gave back the Pike Creek, that the jettatura took place.

Like many of the Canadian whiskeys of its day, the original No40 Lot has quietly eclipsed tablets in the 90 years. The true connoisseurs began to flounder and survey the globe to find even a bottle, but without much success.

Just recently, Hiram Walker's people revived it and put on the 2012 vintage so that we can see the rebirth of this Canadian phoenix. According to those who had the original under the palace, the difference is negligible, which holds the feat with respect to rye whiskeys. Rye is a cereal that resists as a pillar to our national climate, from year to year it carries the influence. Who knows what the 40 No2013 Lot will bring us?

As the great writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens, in his pseudonym Mark Twain, would so aptly have said:

I will choose paradise for the climate, and hell for the company ...

A beautiful golden brown, slightly coppery. The look of a large Canadian rye.

Spices, rye, herbs, vanilla, pepper, clove, juniper berries, musk, lollipops, peppermint.

Salted caramel, rye, vanilla, sweet soap, herbs, spices. Touch of mint cream?

Sweet and short with memories of peppermint candies that any good grandma of our time kept, and perhaps still keeps, on her coffee table.

Another little gem hard to find in Quebec. A complexity that ensures that I have not grasped everything with a single tasting. Another piece of robot for Canada.

Note: ★★★★★