#455 • JP Wiser's Legacy

45% alc./vol.
Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Developed in 1857, J.P. Wiser's is the oldest Canadian whiskey produced continuously. Although their basic expression is one of Canada's whiskeys with one of the most aggressive quality / price ratios, it is easy to see that this precept seems to apply to the rest of the range as well.

The "Legacy" is a tribute to JP Wiser itself, blend based on one of the original recipes of the founder. We are talking about a combination of rye, malted rye and malted barley. It is even said that the Lot 40 would have been part of the ingredients ...

As the King of Wessex and all the Anglo-Saxons so well said, Alfred the Great (848-899) said so well:

If you wash your back, rub your belly ...

Beautiful big languorous legs against a generous backdrop of amber.

Explosion of menthol rye at the beginning. We continue with a low but balanced caramel, with oak, maple and red apples. We turn around then on a tidal wave of rye.

Very creamy in its texture. Rye spices, white pepper, apples and toasted oak. Vanilla and clove. Totally impressive.

Relatively long and well peppery vanilla, wood and apples.

A great success of Wiser's, and a beautiful statement of quality for Canadian whiskey. We hope it's not an accident because it comes close to the best artisan whiskeys. Enjoy it if you see it, because it is now replaced by the current range of Wisers, which is not pitted verses either!

Note: ★ ★ ★ ★