#493 • Glenfiddich 15 years old Solera Reserve

40% alc./vol.
Glenfiddich Distillery, Dufftown, Speyside, Scotland

A return here to the most sold single malt brand in the world, the iconic Glenfiddich.

Today, one can taste one of their expressions that has practically always been available in SAQ, the Glenfiddich 15 years Solera Reserve. It is a whiskey that has matured into three different types of casks, bourbon, Portuguese sherry, and new oak (virgin oak), to end its journey a few months in a tank or barrel "Solera".

What is that? Solera is a process that is common in the world of beer, wine and even brandy. Glenfiddich, on the other hand, were the first to apply it to whiskey. We pour our barrels of whiskey in a huge tank where the aging continues a few months. Subsequently when empty, it always leaves at least one third of the volume in the bottom. Then we add new Glenfiddich 15 years, which mixes with the old, and we keep repeating the process. Like that somewhere we still have juice a little older than 15 years in these bottles.

As the British spy of the Second World War Eddie Chapman (1994-1997) said so well:

Remove quotation marks from quotes: an elegant way to recycle used ideas.

Beautiful colors of golden "pledge".

Fresh and crunchy apples with cinnamon sticks. Oak, honey, clove and almonds. Very promising.

Oily, caramel syrup, apples and pears, almonds, bunch and spices, especially cinnamon. Recall an apple crumble embedded in the caramel coulis, not to mention its scoop of ice cream on the side.

Pleasant and spicy, screaming cinnamon and nutmeg, oak filled with cider and almonds. Comforting.

Absolutely killer for his age. I do not know what sorcery they practice in their "solera vats", but it works in ciborium.

Note: ★★★★★