Give yourself a Blend for Christmas!

We are talking single malt by one, single barrel there, but sometimes you have to go back to the base of the pyramid ...

Very few people know it, but the Blends, or blends, are by far the most popular and sold whiskeys in the world. It is quite normal when we give them a little love during the holidays!

As a practical guide this year I have therefore decided to explore for you what the SAQ had to offer us good for our Christmas stockings… for all budgets.

As the American actor and comedian said so well Timothy Allen Dick (1953-) said so well:

Without the gifts, Christmas would not be Christmas ...

Trio #1: The tricolor of the sure values

We tend to dismiss our friend Johnnie Walker in the closet, but if you take the trouble to go further than your Red Label mixer, you can discover damn good deals, as long as it is not for a bribe for a civil servant in Asia ... Me, I don't look up on it ...

  1. Johnnie Walker 12 Black Label • SAQ 00007880 • $ 56.50
  2. Johnnie Walker 15 years Green Label • SAQ 12591371 • $ 80.50
  3. Johnnie Walker Blue Label <br>• SAQ 00308155 • 279.00 $

#2 Trio: Everyone loves classic traditions

We hear them everywhere, sometimes overused, sometimes not, but something certain brands have been talked about since their foundation. You can't really go wrong with classic brands of blended scotch that have proven themselves time and time again throughout history.

  1. Dewar's 12 years old • SAQ 12359192 • $ 45.75
  2. Ballantine's 12 years • SAQ 12727207 • $ 48.75
  3. Ballantine's 21 years • SAQ 10866916 • $ 163.50

Trio #3: The cream of the bottlers

A very small part of the stocks of the large distilleries is sold to third parties. However, the most skillful of these independent bottlers have succeeded in putting together some of the tastiest and most celebrated expressions in the world. Still affordable too! Big ones like Compass Box et Douglas Laing will not disappoint you!

  1. Compass Box the Monster Peat • SAQ 11534702 • $ 75.50
  2. Douglas Laing Rock Oyster • SAQ 12818580 • $ 87.75
  3. Douglas Laing Scallywag • SAQ 12470624 • $ 87.75

Anyway, offer a blend for Christmas, you look good, you are happy, you push a blend. Win-Win-Win ...