# 506 • JP Wiser's Canada 2018

Wisers Canada 2018

43.4% alc./vol.
Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

It is still July, I have the right to talk about Canadian whiskey!

J.P. Wiser's is pretty much the oldest continuously produced Canadian whiskey. Its basic expression is one of the Canadian whiskeys with the most incredible quality / price ratio.

Here we tackle a special edition, made of corn and rye, assembled by Dr. Don Livermore specially for Canada Day in 2018. Bottled at 43.4% alcohol, only 16000 bottles of this whiskey have seen the light of day, and they are all exclusive to the Canadian market.

As my eternal friend Cardinal Léger (1904-1991) said so often to his maid:

Youth once past, it is rare that we remain confined in insolence ...

A few spices from the rye push together to reveal an amalgam of maple sugar, brown sugar and red fruits. Enticing thoroughly.

Brown sugar, maple water, fruit paste, spices and oak. Nice well-dosed mixture.

Warm and spicy, with a good length, marked by oak and rye.

No doubt, when the mad scientists at Wiser's concoct a special edition for us, it is more often than not something not to be missed.

Note: ★★★★★

#490 • Caledonian Vic - Macaloney's Twa Cask - Ex-Wine Cask Str - Caol Ila / Bunnahabhain

Vic Caley

50% alc./vol.
Victoria Caledonian Distillery, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Conclusion of the evening Victoria Caledonian in Québec Whisky with Graeme Macaloney, founder of the British Columbia distillery, starring another vatted malt, the Vic Caledonian - Macaloney 's Twa Cask - Ex - Wine Cask Str - Caol Ila / Bunnahabhain.

Its name says it, it is a blend of Bunnahabhain and Caol Ila, with a finish in STR wine barrels.

As the professional wrestler, wrestler, writer and Estonian thinker so well said Georg Karl Julius Hackenschmidt (1878-1968) said so well:

The conclusion often comes from that moment when you got fed up.

Start of nose a little bland and / or watery. It develops slowly in notes of dried fruits, slightly smoked sherry and vanilla.

Raisins full of wine, oak, caramel, vanilla and tanned leather.

Beautiful spices a little astringent. Dry wood. We appreciate.

Beautiful blend. We need what is necessary for our kidneys to take the time that our single malt is ready.

Note: ★★★★★