#259 • Bavarian Slyrs Single Malt Whiskey

43% alc./vol.
Slyrs Distillery, Schliersee, Bavaria, Germany.

Another big thank you to Pierre-Luc, who brought with him an official mini from a young distillery in the Kingdom of Bavaria, the Slyrs Bavarian Single Malt Whiskey, to a dinner.

The distillery Slyrs was founded in 1999 by Florian Stettner, a former beer brewer. The name "Slyrs" is a variation of Schliers, the common name given by local people to the town of Schliersee. Besides the single malt flagship of which this article speaks, they also produce a Sherry Cask and rumor has it that they have a Cask Strength in the sights.

For the occasion, I saw fit to choose this German proverb:

Youth is an intoxication without wine and old age a wine without drunkenness.

Hyper pallor which betrays its minimum of 3 years of age required to keep its name.

Small cereal, pear, flowers and soap. Barely roasted malt, Strong in alcohol on the nose, although it only has 43% strength.

Still a floral impression, personality very little aggressive on notes of sugar cane. Too much lightness, its little character disappears in a jiffy.

A bit tasteless. Ends on berries. Soapy cereal, dust and flowers.

Not horrible, but not great either. Bring us a surplus value, like a cask finish or even an increase in the alcohol content. Otherwise focus on the sauerkraut. But hey, let's give the runner a chance, we say that a version cask strength would be about to see the light of day ...

Note: ★★★★★