#452 • W. First Special Reserve

40% alc./vol.
W.Premiers, Barcelona, ​​Spain

We visit here a little drunk a little fucked. We know that it comes from Spain, it says a Blended Whiskey Exceptionally, but rumor has it that it would be a mixture of 70% of questionable blended scotch and 30% of Canadian whiskey probably equally doubtful.

Too much to be in the dubious, the only information that I could glean on the web about this bottling come from Czech or Hungarian shady websites, which require the use of Google to see that their price per bottle of 208 Czech crowns equals 12 Canadian dollars.

Thanks to Pat who found out I do not know which travel store this sample is.

As the American director, photographer, screenwriter and producer put it so well Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) said so well:

Sometimes we think we're running a shit and it's a masterpiece. Sometimes we think we're running a shit, and it's a shit.

Amber malt very general.

Alcohol wave in front of a blast of latte coffee and white chocolate. Still good. A little vanilla and caramel, nothing to shit on the floor.

Very tasteless and one-dimensional texture. Walnut, vanilla and caramel. Chocolate-hazelnut. Curiously reminds me of the kinds of marbled imitations of European Nutella.

Quite short, little spice, little cereal, much too much sugar.

I do not really know how they came up with this unusual result, but it almost looks like it's not really a whiskey, much like the After Dark Indian.

Note: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★