#401 • Eddu Gold

43% alc./vol.
Menhirs Distillery, Plomelin, Brittany, France

Today we are visiting the Breton Distillerie des Menhirs for the second time with a little more, let's say plush Eddu Gold.

In old Breton, eddu means "buckwheat", or as we say nowadays, buckwheat. According to its creators, Eddu Gold has a very great aromatic richness and offers the palate an exceptional structure and roundness. We even compare it to single malts aged 15 to 18! Hmm ...

As the host of the now legendary SolidRok show, the first metal music show in Quebec television history, said so well, Paul Sarrasin (1963-) said so well:

For centuries, man has been the victim of a paradox: he seeks the precious metal that will free him, and yet he remains his prisoner.

Deep amber slightly cloudy.

Wheat, a little molasses and anise. Softer and approachable than his cousin the Silver Broceliande.

Ample and rich as texture, spices and fleur de sel on heated caramel and star anise. Unusual character but still beautiful.

We fall a little here on retro-olfactory notes of red licorice, molasses and grass.

Once again far from my palette, although we can recognize a quality of execution that is lacking in Silver Brocéliande.

Note: ★★★★★

#310 • Bastille 1789

40% alc./vol.
Bastille Whiskey, Cognac, France.

A long time ago, I was given this bottom of the bottle as a joke, telling me that I would not get much pleasure from it. After all this time procrastinating the execution and publication of this review, here is the dreaded Bastille 1789.

Bastille 1789 is a blend of French whiskeys, produced in the Cognac region, made from malted barley and wheat. For a decidedly more Scottish style, this whiskey is distilled in pot stills and is aged in an amalgamation of barrels of French Limousin oak, cherry andacacia.

It would be rated 94 / 100 according to Beverage Testing Institute! But before we go crazy, let's stop and ask ourselves what is this BTI? By digging a little on the net, it seems that this is a marketing service rather than an impartial panel of judges ...

It just goes to show that there is nothing better than forming your own opinion.

As my great friend Cardinal Léger said so well:

Whiskey is a bad thing, especially bad whiskey.

Golden orange desaturated in a disturbing way.

Alcohol and alcohol attack Crazy Glue, I must have suddenly pulled my nose back, something I never do, but the reflex was stronger than me. More than doubtful mixture of toothpaste and Crush with orange. Abject and repulsive.

Fruits and spices, surrounded by paint solvent, take up all the space. Cereals are extremely difficult to discern, and the more I keep this liquid in my mouth, the more I feel like it is damaging my health, the mistreating my body.

Not so bad at the beginning as a final, and we think we can thank it for being short, but it fools us by leaving us in the mouth for a long time a rancid taste of oxidized and muddy copper pipe.

Blindly I would have gladly believed that it could have been something other than a whiskey. Like André, my glass ended up in the sink. I am so overwhelmed by this experience that I don't even know what grade I could give it. Let's go for a big zero star, it's just good for the sink. Definitely the meanest spirit I have tasted to date.

Note: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★