Launch of Qué

Hello everybody

I will begin by presenting a thousand excuses to my faithful readers who have not had anything to put in their mouths for two weeks. But do you see I was spending time on something that will surely interest you at least as much.

I was approached a few months ago to revamp the website of the Scotch Whiskey Club of Quebec. And well after all this time this hard work has finally paid off. At a special tasting party, the club launched the site and used a less common formula. A handful of coupons exchangeable for a consumption each from a choice of about thirty traffic jams, as well as the lack of seating, just high round tables style cocktail, history of brewing a little people and causing nice meets. After all, whiskey is made to be shared, it is the cement of many beautiful friendships.

So I invite you to go visit what I neglected you in recent weeks, the 2.0 version of QUÉBECWHISKY.COM. You will notice some visual similarities with your favorite blog, but what do you want, call it the style of the artist. Some of my critics are also there, so you will not be completely unfamiliar.

To conclude, and you know it well, what would an article of BLOGUEDEWHISKY.COM without mentioning famous words, today especially those ofAlexandrina Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1819-1901):

When the sinner does penance, his sins become merits in the sight of God.

Rest assured that my critics will start again this week ...


My impressions of the Balcones Texas Single Malt

Hello, my name is Nicolas and I make videos ...

Extract taken from the tasting Balcones of the 13 February.

Francophiles abstain.
I take this opportunity to greet Chip and Cyprien ...

If I do not find Brimstone in the States, I will at least try to bring the bottle back with #1 on it.