# 516 • Amrut Single Cask • Sherry Cask SAQ

62.8% alc./vol.
Amrut Distillery, Bangalore, India

Amrut! The distillery of the faithful!

La SAQ managed against all odds to get his hands on a single cask from the famous Indian distillery. Sherry cask # 3516, August 2010-July 2014, only 90 bottles, SAQ exclusivity, sold out since then, bouuuuuu ...

As the poor said so well Hans moleman (1961-) said so well:

I said Boo-Urns ...

Orange amber more intense but barely than bourbon cask.

Sherry cask, dates, oak, tobacco leaf, juicy tannins, spices, cocoa even bearing on the Lindt chocolate truffle. With a winey side that would pair well with certain cheeses, it is a bottling that matches well with Scottish sherry casses.

Caramel and vanilla, dates, prunes, tobacco and sherry thoroughly, before being overtaken by the spices of its alcohol content, which all in all does not seem that aggressive.

Oak plank bursting with sherry and tangy shiraz. Strong and spicy notes leaving us in a beautiful heat.

Excellent example of Sherry Cask Strength. At times the Scots are right to have the bitch.

Note: ★ ★ ★ ★

#423 • Amrut Single Cask • Bourbon Cask SAQ

50% alc./vol.
Amrut Distillery, Bangalore, India

Ah, Indian whiskeys ... Amrut is one of the most famous distilleries in this country which has not always been known as a whiskey producing country. At least "good" whiskey.

Our friends from SAQ have nevertheless succeeded here in having a cask bottled exclusively for us, poor Quebecers. It's Bourbon Cask # 3450, Distilled in June 2009 and bottled in July 2014, 120 bottles, SAQ exclusivity.

As the American actor Everett McGill (1945-) said so well:

When I see all these faithful couples I tell myself that everyone can be wrong.

Dark orange, marked by the maturation of some Indian summers.

Burnt sweet caramel and barley, but some bourbon notes such as vanilla, oak and corn do not pass in silence. Fragrance wave of fennel.

Very rich and syrupy texture, with a thick caramel, vanilla, oak, juicy fruit, barley sugar.

Cinnamon and the other warm spices of its alcohol content transport us towards notes of wood, candied fruit, light vanilla.

A great experiment for the distillery and our state monopoly. Even if its price is more or less spot on, it remains a relatively surprising bourbon cask.

Note: ★★★★★