# 515 • BenRiach 20 years 2014 edition

43% alc./vol.
BenRiach Distillery, Elgin, Speyside, Scotland

From duo to duo, from BenRiach in BenRiach, the tree is in its leaves!

Heart of Speyside, in the heart of Speyside, this 2014 opus from BenRiach would include 50% first fill bourbon casks, aged between 23 and 26 years, 40% 20 year old whiskey and 10% peaty BenRiach 21 years old.

As the German writer and screenwriter said so well Patrick Süskind (1949-) said so well:

Who controls smells, controls the heart of humanity.

Light mahogany, old sherry, yum.

A touch of boucane on a background of mashed candied plums? Leather and apples in a large fruit basket. The sherry is still present.

Nice weight on the tongue. Leather, sherry, juicy dates, equally juicy grapes, caramel and toffee. An imposing oak wood reminds us of its age with both softness and firmness.

Long and smooth with notes of burnt caramel, leather and spicy wood. Malted cereals and milk chocolate.

An excellent single malt, a fine example of 20 years of aging. But at what cost?

Note: ★★★★★

# 514 • BenRiach 17 years old Solstice 2nd Edition

50% alc./vol.
BenRiach Distillery, Elgin, Speyside, Scotland

Two 17 years old Back-to-back, we're making duets these days! Benriach Solstice!

If he had called it equinox, I would have said that this whiskey dances between shadow and light, but here solstice means one pulls more on the blanket than the other. Who wins? You just have to trust your mood, which to fully appreciate it, will have to be as paradoxical as the contents of this bottle… a little bit of sherry, a little bit of port ...

As the American music hall pianist said so well Władziu Valentino Liberace (1919-1987) said so well:

Theatricality is contrast. If you only play one note, there is no more theatricality.

Golden and orange tint dangerously tending to a rosé worthy of its port barrel.

Relatively sweet on the nose. Joyful aromas of port easily pierce its thin veil of peat and its alcohol content. Cherry, strawberry and oak complete the nose.

Thick texture covered with a rich and frank caramel. Sherry, wood and grape spices. Dates and pipe tobacco. The peat is very very subtle, but effectively supports everything.

Very sustained on a prominence of peat, followed by dates, cherry and spicy dry oak. Cocoa.

We could bitch that it is rather shy for a traffic jam that appears "heavily peated", but it is such a successful bet that we can forgive almost everything.

Note: ★ ★ ★ ★