# 532 • Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection 19 years old Giant French Oak Barrel

45% alc./vol.
Buffalo Trace Distillery, Frankfort, Kentucky, United States

Today, we fall on our side Buffalo Trace, for experimentation at its best, the Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection 19 year old Giant French Oak Barrel.

The geniuses behind the infamous Buffalo Trace bourbon have over the past few years set about concocting blends and experimenting with the type of cask, the degree of alcohol, the degree of carbonization of the inside of the casks, and plenty of other factors, even up to the section and height of its storage location in the same warehouse. Phew.

This morning's sample has a good pedigree: Type: Whiskey, Total production: 1 cask, Distilled on 27/01/1993, Cask on 28/01/1993, Recipe: BT Rye Mash Bourbon # 2, Type of Mash: sour, Degree Proof at the exit of the still: 135 °, Warehouse-floor: K-1, Rick-Row-Slot: 0-0-0, Cask type: French Oak 135 gallons, Cooper: unknown, Douelles: unknown, Treatment: Carbonization # 3, Bottled on 28/06/2012, Age at bottling: 19 years & 5 months, Filtration: cold, Alcohol level: 45%.

As the English inventor said so well William willett (1856-1915) said so well:

Because science balances its science on us, science without consciousness equals science of unconsciousness.

Orange tint close to Kentucky Avenue on the Monopoly board.

Very fruity for a bourbon. A juicy cherry takes center stage on the vanilla and caramel, as well as the other flavors typical of American whiskey.

Caramel, crème brûlée, corn, oak and spices. Rather thick texture, but with a slight lack of the influence of rye.

Oak and spices are highlighted, with a gentle breeze of pear that slowly fades.

It's still an excellent bourbon, but it looks like it loses a bit on the change due to a slightly one-dimensional texture. Would 19 years be too long here?

Note: ★★★★★

#427 • Buffalo Trace Antique Collection William LaRue Weller 2016

67.7% alc./vol.
Buffalo Trace Distillery, Frankfort, Kentucky, United States

We are going to spoil ourselves today with a rare and stellar bourbon, aptly named the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection William LaRue Weller 2016.

Produced at Buffalo Trace, the WL Weller series is a range of bourbons containing a good part of wheat in its mashbill, something that would have established in 1849 its eponymous designer. Replacing rye with wheat in these cases makes the bourbon sweeter and softer. The William LaRue Weller is a rare and exclusive annual bottling introduced in 2005, always presented at the strength of the barrel.

As the American author of novels, short stories and science fiction essays Philip Kindred Dick (1928-1982) said so well:

A pessimist is someone who looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.

Distinguished, plums, dates and flavored tobacco reminiscent of some old sherry casks. Citrus and burnt caramel. No trace of its alcohol level. He's using the trees. Silky.

Sweet, caramel, spicy sharp, corn in power calmed by notes of cherry and wood. Ignited.

Yet the fire of the spirit goes up in smoke as soon as the sip is swallowed. Dry and dusty wood of the drum.

A great bottle, if only for the chance to get your hands on one of them. To savor with caution and respect.

Note: ★ ★ ★ ★