#012 • Glenmorangie the Quinta Ribbon

46% alc./vol.
Glenmorangie Distillery, Tain, Highlands, Scotland

It's so funny that I have to throw this funny fact right in your face. Very few people know it, because the rest of the world doesn't want to know it, but notice the knowing look that the next crested handbag carrier will send you, because the Glenmorangie distillery is owned by, hold on tight. , Louis Vuitton! Let's never talk about it again… Okay, where was I?

I could tell you about the legend behind Glenmorangie and his sixteen artisans from Tain, but I'll be annoyed and save that for another expression. Today we are talking about the famous Quinta Ruban. A Farm in Portuguese it is a winery, more specifically those that produce Ruby port. And then "ruby" in Gaelic is said ribbon.

As well that two and two make four, we must conclude that, given Glenmorangie's unhealthy penchant for aging in casks of all kinds, and the etymology of Quinta Ruban, it is a scotch that has been matured in barrels of… port!

This easily explains its particular color, a pink amber almost foreign to whiskey in general. Well, we're farting, Sláinte!

Citrus, nuts, honey, flowers. Very sweet despite its rate almost cask strength . On the second nose, the whiskey opens with oak and spices. It is less sweet this time. A third dimension opens up, woody vanilla. We look for port by name, but it is rather shy.

A good slap on the face! Fruity, woody, spicy. From the second sip, we keep everything that has been tasted previously, but this is where the port comes on the scene ...

It is really here, once on stage, that the port shines. It is only at the top that we descend gently in a wave of dark chocolate with orange. The image that remains in my head is that of orange in chcolat Terry that you flatten on the counter.

It is a whiskey that takes too well. By tasting it again, I do not regret having mentioned Quinta Ruban, because the timing couldn't be better. It's a very… let's say sensual whiskey. Tip of the week: a glass of Quinta with two or three Lindt chocolate scoops and you're going scorer on Valentine's Day ...

Note: ★ ★ ★ ★