#458 • Isle of Jura 21 years

44% alc./vol.
Jura Distillery, Isle of Jura, Scotland

A good little Jura Mountains to complete the week, 21 years moreover!

Only downside, it is soon your last chance to get your hands on it, the distillery is reorienting the line of its range. We will of course have a right to . entry-level, but also to traffic jams 10, 12 and 18 years. But the most intriguing remains the Seven Wood, resulting as its name suggests from 7 different types of barrels!

As my good friend said so well Winston Churchill (1874-1965) said so well:

Swinging does not shock me. After all, even being cuckold, as much as organizing it yourself.

Deep and ultra-rich amber.

Orange, honey and barley thoroughly. Lightweight leather. Fruits stewed in syrup.

The little peat gives way to a delicious spicy honeycomb. Still barley and leather.

Astringent on the end, rightly strikes on all the delicious and juicy classic notes of sherry cask.

A great and an excellent Jura, but the 16 is a little better.

Note: ★★★★★

#456 • Isle of Jura Barrels Shop 1995 Sauternes Finish Cask #8

58.9% alc./vol.
Jura Distillery, Isle of Jura, Scotland

Another special traffic jam, coming this time from the distillery of the island of Jura, a single malt drawn from a single barrel, so obviously with the strength of the barrel, and refined in casks of Sauternes, the Isle of Jura Barrels Boutique 1995 Sauternes Finish Cask #8.

This is a limited edition 270 bottles, here is the 86e ...

As the Count of Bucquoy said so well, Charles-Bonaventure of Longueval (1571-1621) said so well:

An empty brain is the devil's shop.

Amber orange generous.

Spicy brown sugar, sauternes of course, with honey, peppermint and fruits. The bomb.

Caramel, red fruits, ginger and oak. Would marry beautifully with many chocolates.

We feel the strength of alcohol, but instead of fighting us she embraces us completely. The wood of the barrel and the spices make us easily fall under their spell.

A nice trick for the KWM. The tragedy of the best whiskeys is that often we will never see them again.

Note: ★ ★ ★ ★